Another Tax Chat! in the Transforming Tax Administration Series

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We are coming up on the second in our Tax Chat! series on Transforming Tax Administration: Toward an Effective, Trusted, and Inclusive IRS, to be held on Thursday April 13 from noon to 1:30 pm EDT.  You can still register for this free virtual series of 15 conversations about all aspects of tax administration.  The program is free, but you need to register in order to receive the zoom links for each of the sessions.  (You only need to register once, so if you’ve already registered, you don’t need to do it again.)

This week’s Tax Chat! is on the IRS budget.  Ever wondered what is actually included in the budget categories of “Enforcement,” or “Taxpayer Service,” or “Business Modernization”?  Well, this is what we will be discussing, along with how to measure return on investment and other performance measures, and what kind of behavior the budget categories drive.  For background, you can find the President’s FY 2024 Budget-in-Brief for the IRS here. And you can find the IRS Strategic Operating Plan for 2023 to 2031 here.


The Tax Chat! on the IRS Budget will be held on Thursday April 13 from noon to 1:30 pm EDT.  Our guests for this Tax Chat! are:

  • Mark Mazur, former Assistant Secretary, Tax Policy, U.S. Department of Treasury and former IRS Director of Research;
  • Ursula Gillis, former IRS Chief Financial Officer;
  • Jessica Lucas Judy, Director, Strategic Issues, Government Accountability Office

You can watch the video of our first Tax Chat!, my conversation with Charles Rossotti, former IRS Commissioner, here.  And just as a quick heads’ up for future Tax Chats!, here are the dates and times of the next few:

Tax Chat! No. 3IRS Information Technology Challenges, Tuesday, April 18 from 1:30 to 3 pm EDT.  Guests include Fred Forman, former IRS Chief Technology Officer; Marina Nitze, former Technology Officer, US Department of Veterans’ Affairs; and David B. Hinchman, GAO.

Tax Chat! No. 4:  IRS Workforce, Wednesday, April 26 from noon to 1:30 pm EDT.  Guests include Professor Bob Tobias, American University, former member of IRS Oversight Board and National Commission on Restructuring the IRS; Doreen Greenwald, National Executive Vice President, National Treasury Employees Union; and Lotta Bjorklund Larsen, social anthropologist, Exeter University, UK and author of Shaping Taxpayers: Values in Action at the Swedish Tax Agency.

Tax Chat! No. 5Increasing and Maintaining Voluntary Compliance:  Thursday, May 11 from noon to 1:30 pm.  Guests include Jim Alm, Professor Emeritus, Tulane University; Stephen Daly, Senior Lecturer, Kings College, London; Erich Kirchler, Vienna University Department of Applied Psychology, Austria; and Mandi Matlock, Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid LITC.

These are just a few of the sessions we’ll be having over the spring and summer, so please register to make sure you don’t miss any of the fascinating conversations.  And yes, we will be recording them, but you need to register in order to receive a notification that we’ve posted the videos.

Hope to see you at the Tax Chats!

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