Offset of Injured Spouse Stimulus Payment

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On Friday, May 8, the IRS posted Economic Impact Payment FAQ #31 acknowledging that it was aware of the problem that many couples have encountered with the EIP payments.  The FAQ indicates that the IRS is working to fix the problem and taxpayers do not need to do anything to cause the IRS to fix their problem.  That’s good because I am not sure what they can do at the moment.  Caleb Smith wrote a post on this issue that has been the most highly read and commented upon post since it went up.  It is clear from the comments that lots of readers have encountered this problem.  While it is understandable that programming errors would occur when the IRS put together its system so quickly under intense pressure, this issue has created significant financial (and no doubt marital) problems for those impacted.  The FAQ does not indicate when the payments will be undone and checks issued to the injured spouse.  One decision that will not please injured spouses is that EIP dependent amounts will be split between the two spouses rather than paid out in full.  Here’s the FAQ unvarnished by my take on it:

Q31. If I owe tax, or have a Payment agreement with the IRS, or owe other federal or state debts or past-due child support, will my Payment be reduced or offset? (updated May 8, 2020)

A31. No, with one exception. The Payment may have been offset only by past-due child support. The Bureau of the Fiscal Service will send you a notice if an offset occurs.

If you are married filing jointly and you filed an injured spouse claim with your 2019 tax return (or 2018 tax return if you haven’t filed your 2019 tax return), half of the total Payment will be sent to each spouse and your spouse’s Payment will be offset only for past-due child support. There is no need to file another injured spouse claim for the Payment.

The IRS is aware that in some instances a portion of the payment sent to a spouse who filed an injured spouse claim with his or her 2019 tax return (or 2018 tax return if no 2019 tax return has been filed) has been offset by the non-injured spouse’s past-due child support. The IRS is working with the Bureau of Fiscal Service and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child Support Enforcement, to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. If you filed an injured spouse claim with your return and are impacted by this issue, you do not need to take any action. The injured spouse will receive their unpaid half of the total payment when the issue is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


  1. Ashley Morgan says

    It’s nice they finally acknowledged the issue and gave us an answer. However, I think they should do something about the dependent amounts being split in half. $500 of my children’s money is going to pay back support for his children, that’s not right and isn’t fair to my kids. It’s like the government telling my kids that their half-siblings are more important and get higher priority

    • Jennifer Blake says

      I agree in fact 2 of the 3 dependants we have are just my biological children and I am the tax payer and the injured spouse extremely unfair!!!! Usually when we do our taxes we file injured spouse form and I end up with the whole payment which is less every year cause the more you make the less you get back very sad should be rewarded for working hard. Hope they resolve this problem soon I could really use the 1950 or 2700 I’m entitled to

      • Would like to know when my 2/3 stimulus check will be deposited into my account? Why have a form for an injured spouse, just to injure us more? Thanks to this pandemic I’m behind on monthly bills. My hours were cut ( with no hazard pay). As a tax paying American I want answers! Can’t get one because IRS is closed. Why cut the IRS hours when they were going to be needed?

        • Patricia Kay says

          I totally agree why can’t they tell us when we gonna get our check so tired of waiting it’s my money and I want it now

          • Jennifer says

            I so agree with this and for them to take away from my three children is not fair. They had no part in his past marriage or do they have any obligation to pay into his debt due to our marriage. The system is broken.

        • I was told I have to file an injured spouse for year 2020 because our 2019 taxes havent been processed yet. Been waiting for weeks for our half of stimulus check and now have to wait another 11 weeks. So not fair to my child or husband they took half!!!!

          • Kevin Bolejack says

            My wife and I filed jointly with her injured spouse form back in January and her status as injured spouse was approved as of today’s date are taxes read being processed so after hours of calling we finally spoke to a live person only to be told that her taxes were cut by over a thousand dollars and that sure would not receive any portion of the stimulus payment promised to us to help with our current child.this is so wrong as her and our son had nothing to do with the past due child support owed by myself for a child that I never knew existed until 3 months prior to his 18th birthday so bam past due from the start..they currently take 50% of my monthly incomeand my tax return every year now they are taking funds promised to us to help us through this time of hardship to aide us in the daily living cost and giving it to child support so who will pay the bills for my current child especially since his mother has been laid off and had only just changed employment so is not eligible for unemployment benifits. And we were informed by the IRS ACCOUNTS OFFICER that she would not receive any portion of the stimulus payment even though her injured spouse firm was filed with her tax return and approved so tell me who decides this one gets thier half and those ones don’t .
            It’s more IRS BUREAUCRACY THAT CAN’T BE SORTED OUT BECAUSE THE IRS IS BY OFFICIAL TERMS CLOSED AND ONLY A MINIMAL STAFF IS AVAILABLE TO AIDE US. So I simply saying by the IRS FAQ my wife is entitled to one half of the stimulus payment but they are not required to follow these steps they set forth governing the payments and distribution. I hope their own actions result in the filling of class action suits because her name will for sure be on that list and any other actions to make them accountable for their actions or lack of them.

          • how do i get it back if my stim went to his ex. not my kids. and was not married at the time.

        • Sandi White says

          I am with you on this. I would like to know WHEN we can expect payment for our portion? Can’t find that information anywhere.

          • I’m in the same boat with everyone here. My stimulus money and my sons money went to my husband back child support which I have no legal obligation to. I called the IRS and did speak to someone today, but all I was told is that they are aware of the issue and that it’s still being worked out with DES agencies. All we can do is wait. This is so frustrating when I am an upstanding, tax paying American!!

          • Does your status on irs stimulus say the money has been deposited? Just curious mine has said deposited since April 15 but I received letter saying they took mine and husbands for child support even though I have filled our injured spouse for past 8 years

          • Did you ever get it? Or know who to get in contact with? I’ve been waiting since March

          • I just spoke with the IRS and they said they have no idea when this will be resolved!! He said they are to quote 60 days but could take a lot longer than that! This is BS

        • And child support took my wifes stimulus check again

        • Im a injured spouse. I read that the irs would be sending out checks to people like me in early to mid september. Well september has come and gone, its almost halloween and i still have not recieved a dime. Iv been waiting on this money, MY money, for almost 6 months now. This is all complete BS!!!

      • I am very upset since I am on social security and have my own account to deposit the check. Instead they sent all 2400 to his ex. I thought they were going to handle it the same way they do ssa benefits. And you can’t reach anyone.

        • Pamela Alston says

          I am on ss too separated from my husband since April 2,2018, so I was waiting for my stimulus check to go direct deposit into my account. Never did. I called my now ex-husband(divorced 10/14/2019) and asked if he filed me on his 2018 tax? This was on May 9,2020. I kept checking get my check and it said your information does not match. On June 2,2020 I did it again same thing. Then I said let me put in the old information. There it was, A scheduled payment on April 15,202 was issued to account #…. I got on the phone called IRS stayed on the line for over an hour just to speak with a live person. The IRS rep confirmed the information 2400.00 and 1200.00 was mine. She said you signed the return. Excuse me I did not sign anything and had no knowledge at all of this return. I call my ex-husband of course he didn’t answer. I went on line filed a complaint to IRS.Waiting to hear from them. I also sent a clipping from the IRS to my ex which said if you receive your spouse’s stimulus check it is highly advised that you forward the payment to them asap as this is a FEDERAL AND STATE LAW which will have CONSEQUENCE’S. This is FRAUD. I got some information today with a phone # to call. So 1st thing Monday morning June 29,2020 I will be on the phone. My ex husband is a Pathological liar and I will do whatever I need to do,not in revenge,but to let him him know he is not above the law and he needs to be held accountable for his actions.

          • What’s the phone number? This is exactly what’s happened to me!

            Please email me if you can


          • Donna Martin says

            Could you please share the phone number and what what you used to file the complaint with the IRS, please.
            Thank you

          • April Webber says

            Mine did the same thing. It stated it was posted to my account April 15th, but I received a letter saying it was offset for child support although I filed injured spouse. My husband didn’t have any income filed on our taxes.

          • This is exactly what happened to me he still will not give me my 1,200 portion what can I do thank you

          • Could you please post the numbe or email me it please and thank you

        • did you ever get your portion back? You have the same situation as in in.

        • Im with you, i dont have nothing to do with his past relationships and neither does my son. Have they said if they are going ro reverse it and give us our payments? I too am on SSI and have my own account they have the information for. How hard is it just do it already.

        • I spoke with someone Thursday she said they are working in injured spouse cases part of mine was offset by my husband’s child support which was deposited April 30th still waiting in my portion she then told me my paperwork was just sitting she pushed it thru while I was in the phone took about 30 minutes she says it now can take up to 60 days for the deposit I recommend you guys to call the stimulas number and tell them you want a trace your pymt they will transfer you to a person ( it is some wait time) then they will look into it

      • 2019 was the firs of many years I filed a joint tax return with my husband. He has grown adult children he owes arranges for. My stimulus check was allocated to his back child support. Why am I being penalized for child support he owes. I am a hardworking person who still needs this money to catch up on monthly bills. I filed a injured spouse form May 7, 2020, and haven’t heard one word about the status of my stimulus payment. It’s really hard waiting for funds you’re entitled to get and unable to speak to anyone who can help you. This is so frustrating.

        • Eddie Garcia says

          I also filed both for my refund and stimulus was unaware of my ex child support both were taken from me but I finally received my half of the refund about a week ago it took 16 weeks exactly so be prepared to wait a long time still waiting to hear about my stimulus it’s been about 7 weeks on that one

          • Curious of how you received it if I check it online it says deposited into bank account April 15 did you have this status or did your status change?

        • Is it too late to filed for injured spouse?.. i didnt know anything about injured spouse until child support took my tax refund and my stimulus check.. i filed jointly with my husband in april 2020 .. so they took my 2 yr old son’s 500.00 stimulus check too.. smh..child support sent my husband’s letter saying that child support program has received funds from your federal tax return.and these funds have not been applied to your child support debt and it is subject to a six month hold.. but when my husband check the status .. its already been applied to his child support… smh

          • I just mailed my injured spouse form in for 2019. It’s ok to do for I think 3 years after the tax year in question. I should have sent it in sooner but for whatever reason I out it off.
            I would suggest not talking to child support and just filing the paperwork. I always let them take my tax return but was not expecting this, and I got a letter saying child support (Washington state) received the full amount. I called them and they tried to play dumb with me it was kind of funny. The lady on the phone was like, no the 2400 was your husbands tax return and the 666 was your stimulus check…. I was like no. Everyone in the country is getting 1200 lolol… I told them I will be clawing back my half. Unfortunately I’ll also be clawing back my 2019 tax return-no way to separate it. Honestly we all know child support gets first crack at everything. From now on I will be filing the injured spouse form with my return. My step daughter is almost 18 anyway and I used to just do my tax return for her sake. Not helping the ex lol.

          • Our situation with the stimulus was they took our $3500.00 and gave it to my husband’s ex. We filed a injured spouse form that I do every year. We are raising two grandchildren in our home that is claimed on our taxes. That money was there’s we are on fixed income as well I could understand about half but not the whole check. Reading some of your comments maybe I will get my share of the money back. So make sure you get your injured spouse forms in if you haven’t yet. You can download the form from the IRS website. It even tells you how to fill out the form. Weather you filing with tax’s or just the form.

          • U can still file the injured spouse form

          • Eddie Garcia says

            I think you can file that anytime to be honest I had to wait full 16 weeks it has been 15 for the stimulus so I’m waiting to see what happens they send you a paper check

          • Same here. Although I had to send an injured spouse form too. I didn’t file one from the beginning because I and he owed taxes. What was the sense. Now I have sent the form in appox early April and no word. I don’t even know if it will be approved. So how is this still my responsibility for arrears that aren’t mine? Why can’t I benefit from the stimulus, at least my portion?

        • Gina Bryant says

          You know what is even crazier?! i have been calling the IRS and they act like they have no idea about what happened OR what im talking about??? Like they keep telling me it was offset maam we dont know why its out of our hands??? Then another worker tells me something different.. i cant get a straight answer?? My husband called DHS, his half of the stimulus was processed and given to her on May 12th. Where is my half? DHS says they have never seen my half even though they took it and it says so? IRS says DHS has it.. And DHS says IRS has it.. AND NO ONE IS AWARE OF THE ISSUE?!?! This is posted that they are aware of it, but who is actually aware of it? Because no one claims to be. This is so frustrating!

          • The same exact thing is happening to us, we only received 525.00 and the rest was off set, but according to child support they only rec’d 1175.00, so where the remaining 1700.00 is I guess is a mystery

          • Angela Keller says

            Same thing happened to us. They took both my half and my husbands half for his past child support. They have only credited his half. DHS refuses to talk with me because I am not listed as a party to the case (only my husband and his ex-wife). So they can take my money but not talk to me about them taking it..its such bs.

          • CeJa Franklin says

            Same thing has been happening with me tax offset said child support took all of it then child support says they only took half I’m so over the BS

          • They took our $2400 for my husband’s child support, so I immediately filed injured spouse form, I received paperwork from DHS and it says they have $2400 on hold, and when I check the portal, it still says it was deposited into my account. Wrong. It’s been since April 15 n it’s July 23rd… Has anyone received theirs yet?

          • Gina Bryant says

            Well Its July 28th.. I finally talked to someone on the Economic Impact payment line and she transferred me to someone who looked into my account.. They in fact said my 1700 was on hold due to the Programming glitch. Well i keep hearing they are aware of the problem but they dont how long is it going to take to fix it.. They can see I qualified for a stimulus they can see it sitting there.. Cant you just release the funds?!?! I wouldnt have such an issue but my career is to fix programming glitches with a certain software.. An issue like this would have put everything else on hold until we corrected the mistake. I just want to know how long we are going to keep hearing its a glitch without any results of it being fixed? I made a joke that if another stimulus is given to people they will receive their second and for the ex wives their 3rd before I even see my first!!

        • Hello! I am in the same boat as all of you. I didn’t even expect any of the stimulus money. Well, for S&G’s, I checked the Get My Payment website and now it says there will be a deposit made on June 24th to the account I used when I filed. What I’m wondering is if you received a direct deposit date on the website at all or did the website tell you it had been offset? It’s 5:41pm on the 24th of June and I have not received a deposit. So, does the government give you a deposit date and then just not deliver any money?

          • That’s exactly what they do! Mine says deposited May 13th as of today NOTHING! I filed injured spouse and they off set for my husbands back child support. Child Support says it will be sent back to me in 4 weeks. Unless I can’t do math that time has passed and still NOTHING! This is a bunch of CRAP, why would the IRS not be prepared for this? and if they know there is a problem why not fix it? It’s not like they are processing tax returns, mine has said processing since April 14th!! So ticked off, I get these kids deserve to be cared for BUT what about the other family I work hard, the pandemic shut me down and now everything is back up and I can’t get what is due to me!

          • That is exactly what they did to me,.I got a May 6,2020 direct deposit and NO money. Irs is worthless as the fools at child support.

          • I received a letter from the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) approximately two & one-half weeks after the IRS sent the funds to my bank.

          • You’ll get a letter saying where it went. Child support etc

        • I wrote a letter to the White House. More people need to speak up to the President about Child Support Reform. It is cruel and wrong to our innocent victims who are good hardworking people who need to support their family too. I have a son who is a Navycorpsman and is 23 years old now but my husband and three children and I are paying for my mistake of when I signed papers in 2008 without reading them. I was so stupid and naive my ex boyfriend knew how to manipulate me and I fell for it. He got it to where it said I gave up all rights and custody and made me pay child support. I never had money to reverse that while a single mom supporting my second child. Now, today my husband’s checks were both snatched/stolen by child support system because we filed joint and sent injured spouse form the same day bt mail. Now my both checks went to the idiot that does not need it nor deserves it. My second son I have custody of is now a senior in High School and now we won’t be able to buy him his saxaphone for his last year in band and school clothes. My two other children I homeschool but they still need clothes too and new beds. I hate how we are suffering from all this because offices are shut down. It is morally wrong. And I pray I will not loose my sanity. My husband said we will get through this and the money could never replace what we have today. Our life with our children. My money can never buy back the time I lost with not having my son since 2008. I don’t believe any mothers with sons in active duty should have to pay child support or accumulate interest after 18 years of age. No matter the circumstances for giving life to a child. Now my son is laying down his life for our country as a Navycorpsman. And this is what I get? My ex is probably laughing right now and I bet on a shopping spree and buying beer and rounds for everyone in his family cause that’s what they do. He was and always has been an evil person. Where is the justice on this for my family who live righteous and do our best to teach our kids the ways of the Lord?

          • I wrote the following letter to one of my state’s senators:

            The CARES Act purports to work for ALL Americans, but it does not. The purpose of the stimulus payment is to help individuals and families that are struggling due to the COVID-19 crisis. However, individuals who owe child support arrears, and their non-obligated spouses and children, are being treated as pariahs while individuals who are owed child support are becoming unjustly enriched by these stimulus payments. For instance, if a custodial parent has three or four children by different fathers, then the custodial parent will not only receive their own payment with an additional $500 for each qualifying dependent, but they will also receive an additional three or four stimulus payments from the non-custodial parents’ households. And now Congress is considering a second round of stimulus payments when many households, such as my own, have not received the first one and will not receive the second one.

            These are unprecedented times, and the stimulus payment is a one-time payment. It’s not fair that it is being treated like a tax refund and being offset by past-due child support while other debt is exempt.

            My husband owes child support arrears that are being garnished from each of his paychecks every two weeks by the Child Support Enforcement Unit for two adult children over the age of 26. We have two minor children, one of which has special needs. My husband and I filed jointly with two qualifying dependents. It is not just. It is not right. It is not fair that other households which have already received economic impact payments will now be receiving a second one from my household, which includes $1,000 for our two qualifying children. This is unjust enrichment because those two custodial parents of adult children are receiving a benefit at our expense.

            The solution to this injustice goes far beyond filing Form 8379. Our entire economic impact payment has already been intercepted by the Child Support Enforcement Unit. Now, I have to wait at least eight more weeks for the IRS to process my Form 8379 and then an additional 120 days to receive any type of relief.

            I propose that Congress considers modifying the CARES/HEROES Act to only offset stimulus payments for past-due child support if the child is under the age of 19 and if the non-custodial parent is not making regular child support payments plus additional payments toward any arrears owed.

            In closing, I serve a just God, a fair God, but there is nothing just and fair about households receiving more than one stimulus payment at the expense of other households when we all need help during this global crisis, even people who owe child support arrears.

        • I’m in the same boat with you. Spoke with someone today and was told that I’ll have to wait until AFTER August 1st and allow 8 weeks from that time to get a status update. Mind you, I filed my Injured Spouse form in April.

          • I was told the same thing. I filed mine the beginning of March. IRS said if no change appears on my account or if I don’t hear anything by September 1st to call again.

          • Wow. We filed taxes early March. Finally received tax return July 15. But stimulus was sent for child support. File injured spouse every year. Not fair to the injured spouse. It is now August, and still haven’t received stimulus. Irs acknowledged in May about this. What is taking them so long to send stimulus checks to the injured spouse. Child support states only took stimulus from the spouse who owes bout the injured spouse. So what’s up?

    • I agree with you, my money was intercepted, my spouse owes money from back arrears from over 30 years ago for grown adult children now who received their own stimulus money. I am upset that they intercepted my stimulus payment of $1200, all of my children are also grown adults so I have no children to receive the extra $500 for, but if I did I would be extremely upset if my children’s $500 half to be intercepted to pay for another child who is already going receive their $500 plus my spouses $1200. This is not right it’s not fair for the family who is not receiving their fair share of the stimulus, Only the Spouses share should be intercepted the injured spouse and children’s should not be shared for the other family. I believe NO ONES money should be intercepted this is a pandemic and everyone needs their money,

      IRS / US TREASURY / whoever needs to get this corrected FAST, we should not be left out and waiting for them to correct their issues with the payments. Why should the injured spouses families be struggling more than the other families.


        • I agree , I pay taxes. The funny thing. The back child support they say my husband owes is when the child lived with us, but the state said her mother could still collect and maintain a room for her Incase she wanted to go back home !!!!

          • NotHappy! says

            I agree too! My child gets the shaft! The other child is an adult. That’s not right! This was suppose to be money for us to use to survive on because you, the government closed down! It shouldn’t matter what back bill is owed by anyone period!!!!!and thanks for acknowledgement after I get a letter in the mail advising to fill out the form! And when do I get my half !!??

          • I didnt file injured spouse in a rush to file my 2019 taxes. I am pissed we arent getting any of the stimulus because we have 3 children (a college student & 17 yr old) so we were already getting less and now I’m getting nothing. I’m going to file an amendment to claim injured spouse in hopes it will all fix itself down the line. As a fulltime working mom this is hard times.

          • I agree also Im disabled and pay back child support for my 31 yr old but I have 3 children at home they took my whole stimulus so what about these three kids do they not deserve to eat and have a roof over there head O could understand them taking the 1200 for me bit to take the 1500 for my kids from my kids is heartless and unfair

          • I know I filed a injured spouse form back in April because they took mine and my two sons payment now it say my payment was approved waiting for a date how long and the back child support they took for was paid off in 2017 taxes so I don’t under stand

        • The state has to wait 6 months before they can issue the money to the custodial parent. I’m also experiencing the same thing. I filed a injured spouse claim and waiting to receive my share. I dont owe child support and I want my share. This is so unfortunate for us but I also have faith and believe that God will give to us what is justly ours.

          • My state already issued payment to the custodial parent. They did however contact me (the injured spouse) and told me my half of the stimulus was being held in their escrow account until the IRS processes my injured spouse form (which IRS received the first week of March), and then the money would be refunded to me. Called the IRS and they said due to Covid19 they’re running 2 months behind in processing. So who knows how long it will take to get this straightened out.

          • I love in Arkansas and my husband’s ex got all of my taxes owed to me which I would have never been getting if weren’t for my 14 year old from a previous marriage and our child support website States she received the full 5500 of my taxes(I say my taxes because my husband is on disability and I am the only one who worked )and as if that wasn’t bad enough it also says she got all of our EIP 2900 that includes my child’s 500 I barely can make ends meet now and the ex gets almost 9000 from us plus whatever she gets from her 200,000 a year job and her EIP for herself and the 2 kids I filled a injured spouse form and sent it in it’s been almost 2 months and no word oh and to top it off when I called my local child support enforcement office the lady I talked to said it wasn’t my money that the ex is going get all my taxes from here on out because it’s her money not mine they it’s not like I gave birth to them .. or father’s them ..

          • Texas sent my husband ex the whole $2,400

      • I totally agree I also filed injured spouse and have heard absolutely nothing yet. Come on it’s not that hard to see I have nothing to do w his back support and she knows darn well it’s not her money too. She gets enough from us as it is and here they want to take my $$ and give it to her too. Bad enough we pay child support all summer long and we have her half the summer and now this. Something needs to be done w this system. Each county is different and that too is not correct – it should be standard by state. He owes her nothing extra and she knows he owes her nothing extra but the county won’t do a darn thing about it other than take more and more $$ – so discussed w the CS systems in Ohio

    • I agree, my new husband owes back child support interest and the IRS kept all of the money and I don’t have any children with him. The stimulus check should be sent and override any old debts because this was a survival check to people not anything else

    • My husband has some arrears from a previous marriage child (even though he has paid about $250,000 in CS in the last 17 years). His ex-wife married a wealthy guy and his son is over 21 y/o now, He filed for a revision of the CS payment 4 times and every time it was rejected. We have had hardships in the last 17 years and that has not been accounted for. In 2018 we were not getting a return, we owed and paid, so we didn’t file an injured spouse form and we filed 2019 taxes in March but this time we filed separately, so we didn’t file an injured spouse either; well, our whole $3,400 went to the ex wife and we never got any letter or notification of this. When we called the IRS we discovered the offset. How can my portion and my kid’s portion of the stimulus check go to a woman that would use the money for her next botox or liposuction treatment while we are both unemployed and struggling? Can’t they see the difference between her tax returns and ours? This system is plain wrong!

    • sharon elsinger says

      I AGREE i got very upset when i saw my childs depedant went to cover my husbands other kids that isnt fair to me or her we arent responsible for that and my child shouldnt be paying for her siblings in any way and when i called child support themselves because the letter said to call the who do i owe on the form about the money they told me they cant do anything about it.

    • has anyone received their half of the stimulus? Just wondering if they fixed the issue. I am still waiting on my stimulus.

      • No not yet and my date taken was April 15

      • @Heather not yet.. supposedly Direct Deposit on April 15th..CS only posted half.. not sure where is my half..

      • Nope IRS told me on phone that i might not get mine at all because i mailed my injured spouse form in separate from my electronic return. They said they were only fixing injured spouses whos form was with original retun and anyone who filed them after the fact they had no guidance on

    • I agree. My husband and I share a young child and this back due child support is for his adult kids who are in 30s! I helped to get husband on track with back due child support but now my husband’s ex gets money meant for my son. Just waiting for something to be made right but with no idea when we can expect this to be fixed, I feel screwed over.

    • Ha! At least your child gets some of the money! The ENTIRE 500$ and 1200$ that was supposed to go to me and my son was taken to pay HER CHILD SUPPORT!!! I had no idea that because I filed joint this year that they would take MY ENTIRE STATE & FEDERAL TAX refund! I’m the only one working for years not him! So how can they take my money??? Take my tax credit for my son? Leaving me broke and then jobless and then tell me and my son are getting a stimulus check deposited into my account just to take the whole thing away again!!!! I’m sry but I did not sleep with this woman nor do I have a child with her….so why am I paying it!!!!! Ahhhh

    • Christie says

      I am in the same boat as well. I don’t get it at all! There is no logic in taking half of each of my kids portion of the money. $1200 is the max one person can get. $1200 should have been the max they took for back child support. He isn’t even the biological father of my kids. So his ex wife gets $500 dollars from my babies. The thing that really makes me mad is she doesn’t need that money. I struggle as the soul provider for my family and her new husband has millions and pays for everything and she makes 120,000 a year. I wanna cry I do cry! Why was even possible for them to have access to more then $1200? I think it’s straight up theft if you ask me. My kids were planning on using their portion for new clothes for school and vacation. She even told me she would give me that portion back. According to Child support enforcement she’s had the money since the 7th of May and she denies ever receiving it. I could puke literally!

    • Stacy Wynieski says

      Oh I agree two of my kids is not even my husbands they should t have to pay for it they should only be able to take there portion not for all of us and while the people that are getting the money is getting a stimulus check also we all are in need of this right now not just the one that the child support is going to and some don’t even work there selves

    • This is BS, I filed the injured spouse form and it was received by IRS on 5/11/2020, they released my stimulus on 7/1 and STILL APPLIED THE ENTIRE STIMULOUS PAYMENT TO MY SPOUSES PAST DUE CHILD SUPPORT! INCLUDING THE 500.00 FOR MY CHILD!

    • Tracy Hammitt says

      I filed as an injured spouse and still have not gotten a stimulus check. My husband and I have two daughters at home. Our 19 year old is legally blind. Due to their ages, I am not eligible for any stimulus payment on their behalf. Conversely, the FAFSA does consider them dependents when figuring any eligible grants for college— my income actually hurts them in that regard. I am a frontline healthcare worker and I am working about 60 hours per week. Is there nowhere for injured spouses to turn to obtain this stimulus payment?

    • I agree 100%. I husband’s ex-wife sets on her butt doing nothing. The daughter doesn’t even see him because the mom decided not to. The courts left her get away with this, now I have to share more money with her and her ungrateful kid. I pay taxes with my job and my daughter and I don’t get the stimulus only half. Give me a break

    • No, it not fair, in fact for 20 years now all of the EIC payment for my 3 children has gone for a debt, which is a computer error for 2000, my husband support case was dismiss in Phila, Pa, told i to send a payment to florida, but they sent the payment back due to order not from there state, but then the county we will in now have been taken cash payment for 6 months, husband wasn’t even put in the computer until the day I went up to make a payment back in 2000. in fact can not even see judge unless the child support unit let you, crazy then even have a stamp with the name of the judge on it and stamp all the paperwork themselves , I have seen with my on 2 eyes. So i do understand how you feel. My children are not grown. My husband children with ex-wife are 40 & 42 years of age. The support unit have taken every cent from me as well my husband for over 20 years, and over 85,000 dollar and still is taken payment out of my husband pay check as well our tax refund, even with the injury spouse form. was told couple time oh sorry we gave payment to support unit already unable to refund. So I know what you are going through

    • teresa belmarez says

      I hear you. Portion of my first stimulus went to husband child support. I’m waiting to see when they are going to fix it.

  2. In the meantime, how many of us file an injured spouse form, only to have it ignored by the IRS, and when you CAN get through on the phone lines they tell you form 8379 was never received with your return? Even though it clearly states in the upper left hand corner of the return (as per instructions) “INJURED SPOUSE”? This has happened to me for the last 2 years.

    • Kim Hughes says

      This happens to me every time. I do what I’m supposed to do but I always get kicked in the teeth. I’m so fed up

      • Me too! They haven’t even processed my Injured Spouse for 2018 (even though I sent one in with my original return that they claimed wasn’t attached), which I had to resubmit. Now I’m concerned that I’ll never receive my stimulus back because I don’t have the form on file.

      • I filled an 8379 and they took my portion and gave it to my husband back child support when I called the IRS for answers they simply hung up on me … WHY are they doing this to us whom don’t owe the support..I filed an 8379 multiple times and my husband child support took my half … I have proof I filed the 8379 and I’m 2018 they laughed at me and said there is nothing I can do … WHYYYYY , I went thru turbotax and NEVER AGAIN….

    • Same boat. Hubby owes ex wife.. I get punished each year with taxes. Now we have all the stimulus money went to child support. Injured spouse is a joke. They do this to force you to file separately so we dont get the bigger tax breaks and owe more money. I noticed on old transcripts that it took the IRS over a year to process the form yet I have NEVER gotten my money back from those years. So guess this form really isnt needed cause they are gonna take the money anyway

      • I thought I was the only one in this type of mess, I was also robbed of my stimulis for myself and grandchild who is my dependent. All of it went to my husbands back child support for kids that are 19 and 20 who I’ve maybe seen 3 times in 3 years we have been married that are NOT mine. They did the same with my tax return for 2018. I was expecting a nice amount to find out it all went straight to his debt!! I did get that back after filing the injured spouse form. Irregardless, as some have said, this is not right at all !! And I’ll take it a bit further, unemployment payments, this man has maybe worked 5 times in 13 years on and off a month here or there and is getting unemployment, this makes no sense to me ! I work hard 40 hrs a week they take all my tax money and stimulis for his child support but reward him with $633 a week way more than I make at 40 hrs a week. Something is really wrong with this picture !! (We are separated so that $633 doesn’t benefit me) but still…give that money to someone who worked hard for a living and now have hour cut or no job at all and deserves it !!

  3. Corlisa Ricks says

    The same has happened to me. In my case my husband owe child support arrears on two thirty year old adults. Every year our tax returns are taken and now our much needed stimulus check has been take. The government shut down my small business, because of civil 19 and my husband is off of work on Unpaid Family medical leave because I have been diagnosed with Breast cancer and have had surgery. I am receiving cancer treatment and I am struggling to pay co pays, feed our family, rent, car notes are due, and now the government has taken our hope of any relief to solve our immediate need of money. I suffer and my children under 16 suffer. Please release our money. The stimulus is supposed to be used to help all Americans get back on their feet. We are pushed into a financial black hole that has grown darker and bigger because you are treating it as a regular tax situation.It just not Fair!

  4. I am a non filer. I would love to work but i have a child with special needs. So when I filed for the stimulus it said two adults file jointly. Well my boyfriend owes child support for another child years ago shes 25 anyway they took the whole payment. That has nothing to do with me. Were not even married. So what do I do? Im not a straggler Id love to work. So please anyone ou there who has a idea for what I can do would be much appreciated.

    • I also am a non filet,but when I was employed we never filed together so I had no idea I had to file a injured spouse form,needless to say my part of the stimulus was offset for his back support that was suppose to have been I don’t know what to do and if I don’t find a solution and we get another one it will be taken also,they really need to address these different issues so people know what to do!!!

  5. Brenda Showalter Connolly says

    Hey I just want to know when we can expect the other half of our stimulus package check? We filed jointly married injured spouse I do not owe child support. My husband received half, but I have not received the other half how come? does anybody know when I can expect the other half?
    Thank you.

    • You are lucky to have received either. My wife owes student loans but that isn’t supposed to effect the stimulus. Neither of us owe child support as we have custody of our children and always have. However I still filed injured spouse to waive her portion since I am the taxpayer that works….. we have seen nothing…… we could really use it

  6. I really needed my half of the stimulas check and of course it was offset by my husbands child support ..I did file a injured spouse form for my 2018 taxes because we owed and filed 2019 taxes too late to use for the information just not right the child isnt mine ..Luckily my children are grown or that would have been taken too.


  8. Evidently my 2,900 stimulas has all been given to my husbands x. I called the fiscal services and they sent 2 1,450.00 payments to his x
    I had claimed my grandson on my 2019 taxes . I am the only person working in our 25 years together
    He gets a small ssi check and they take monthly payments out. Why in gids name did they sent her all the money.? Their kids are 47, 50 and 53 years old. Im all for child support and yes he should of paid it a long time ago. What i dint get is why are they giving it to her? Its supposed to help us all through this crises. All I get in 000. It usnt right to take mine and my grandsons money and give ut to her I was 9 when their oldest was born. I think she should back the fuck off enough is enough! We are going to lose our home and everything I have allways worked hard to keep. Someone needs to think about all of the dummies like me who loses allways to his past
    I dont mind her getting 1200
    But my 12 and my grandsons 500 should come to me he is no relation to my husband or his x.this is causing alot of stress a d my marriege is over now
    And yes I have filed i jured spouse evety year and usually get enture refund why when its needed most i dont get???

  9. I filed taxes from 2010 thu 2016 injured spouse. I file for my stimulus check and Child Support take all of my $2400.00. But When I retired in 2016 from employer. All our debts was paid. I call the IRS automated service and check me and my husband status on any unpaid debts. After the automated service check both of our background they said we have not unpaid debts. So I call the state taxes and they said we have no unpaid debts. So why! did child support take our money. Please tell

  10. My entire $3400 was taken for my husbands past due child support. I file injured spouse…just because he’s behind doesn’t make his ex more important in a pandemic. This is supposed to go to all Americans…what makes it fair that she receives more, it’s not like she wasn’t getting anything to begin with. We are both jobless with 4 kids of our own. Thanks government!

    • I am with you on this – my stimulus went to his arrears as well. To top it off he doesn’t even owe and she agreed that he doesn’t buy Child Support will not fix the issue and continue to take the extra weekly. Either way my stimulus is NOT hers I had nothing to do with their child together. I too have filed for injured spouse and not a word!!! Frustrating as all get out !!!

  11. I’m furious about the government taking my stimulus and giving to a 33 years old child. Hell take his part not mine. I took care of my two kids and now I pay tuition so they can further their education. I have never asked for a dime from anyone. I get out and work extra jobs then you take my stimulus for a kid that happen before my marriage.

  12. My husband whom is disabled and child support already takes half of his check each month should not take my children’s money whom we are taking care of. I do not find this fair at all. He got way behind once he got disabled 10 years ago and I’m the only one with the taxable income. I do not feel as if my children should pay for their children at all. This really upsets me. We make way less money then them too. I haven’t even received my tax refund this year either so we really were put in a bind. I think if they’re getting their own check then thats unfair that they get double the amount. I’ve just given up on getting anything.

  13. My whole $4,400 check went to my husband’s back child support. He didn’t pay for many years because the Mom refused to let him see his daughter. Little did he know it would bite him in the butt later. I agree with half of our refund going to pay the arrearage, but I DO NOT agree with taking whole or half of a stimulus check! We now have four other children we are feeding and caring for, full-time. That money is to HELP Americans! Why were we singled out! I hope they fix this error soon so I can get at least half of our payment.

    • How does it work if our portion was already sent to the child support and the payee? Mine was but I filed injured spouse in April the lady said I’m all set just give it time to process! And here we are they took mine for an obligation that was never my obligation for adult kids

  14. This happened to us too. My husband owes back child support we have one daughter together that’s four years old and they took all of the 2900 stimulus I understand if they took his 1200 but not the 1700 that should be due to my daughter and myself and not split in half between my husband and I this is just ridiculous I just want to know when we’re supposed to get the checks

    • sharon elsinger says

      im with you on this all the way. we are in the same boat as you husband owe back child support due to not being able to get a job for years. and we have a soon to be 3yr old. we both said that yes his 12oo will probably go to his back child support and the 1700 should go to me. but didnt happen that way and i do file injured spouce every year. im about to file for divorce so my money doesnt do to his ex who doesnt follow any of the court oders the way it is and that way at least ill know ill be getting what im suppose to be getting. also getting tired of filing taxes in february and not getting anything back until almost june seriously shouldnt take that damn long.

      • Poole Famile says

        I filed injured spouse in Feb. My husband died in April. Child support called me (as I was sitting in the funeral home parking lot during a hail storm after just collecting his urn!!!) just to inform me that they had taken his stimulus $1200. Then a few weeks later his 37 yr old daughter called and mentioned she got even MORE money. So based on others comments, SHE got MY stimulus and the $500 for OUR 17 yr old daughter????? This government SUCKS. Still waiting for my Federal tax refund, but its not June yet! They have no mercy and rules don’t matter. I love him and miss him, but he never worked during the last 18 of our 20 years together. That money is mine and my daughter’s, not his dead previous-wife’s adult kids!!

  15. Babymama2 says

    I agree with the many others here, that:
    Only half of the stimulus should be held for a past due child support obligation, as OBVIOUSLY only one parent is the parent who owes the support. 🤦‍♀️
    Secondly, this was an economic disaster payment. My husband is paying child support every week (payroll garnishment), it’s not as if nothing is being paid at all. Our family needs to eat too.

  16. What’s funny is that I too filed Injured Spouse and have done so for the last 5 years. Submitted all of the correct paperwork and even updated my information. On the website, it stated that I was eligible and my $2400 would be deposited into my bank account on 05/06/2020. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Only to receive a letter from the Dept of Treasury stating that all of our $2400 went to back child support. Please make no mistake, my husband does owe, but I do not and I want my $1200 and should not have to wait for them to make corrections. Like everyone else has said, we need to eat too.

    • Chris from Mississippi says

      U will get it The injured spouse department was closed they open now and they doing a job I just got mine filled mine out February 4 and I always use the intra-spouse form I’m hoping when I get the stimulus and maybe 3 to 4 weeks maybe sooner than that they are going back if you did for your form with your tax return if you did that you will get it hope that helps stay strong

  17. Kaiya Wright says

    I can’t believe that so many people have the Sam problems as me! I’m not married to my guy. He owes child support. And they took my stimulus money. I haven’t seen or heard anything about it! How do I find out where or if I’m getting money?? Help!!

  18. I do not know what to do because me and my boyfriend are not married of almost eight years relationship they took our two childrens and my son’s $1500 in dependent credit and his $1200for his back child support $2400 they took to apply it to his other two children previous to our children whom got their own credit, and we have two children together and one of my own before him plus just we have a new born that thankfully wasn’t affected beings he was born in 2020 now all 3 of our children go without theirs and also so does my son just because of their half-siblings getting it I do not know what to do because we are not married and he did claim both of our children we share together plus my son on 2018 taxes that got audited and we never received any of the money because he did support all of them he hasn’t claimed 2019 taxes yet but I did the non-filers and claimed all of our children and my son on my own for this year I thought they went off the most recent and I would get my all of our children’s and my son’s credits but instead they went off of his from last year and applied everyone’s credits to his back child support I agree his 1200 should have got credited to his debt but not our children and my sons Their 1500 should not have been affected especially when they’re half siblings got their own credit now they get to take our children’s as well meanwhile our children sit with nothing that is not fair whatsoever and I have no clue what I can even do about it I cannot file injured spouse because we are not legally married somebody please help!

    • You need to call the Office of Tax advocate. You need professional help. It is possible that you could get at least yours and the childrens stimulus back if you can prove that this has or is causing financial hardship.
      I don’t think you can get the refund back…but once again it may depend on the hardship this is causing.
      Good luck!

  19. There is a stigma attached to back child support that if you owe it,you are a dead beat parent and thus don’t deserve this money,total BS,watch how many fall behind because of this government shut down,because child support NEVER ends,non custodial parents who now can’t work ,will fall behind,after 30 days,a judgement is entered against,you now owe your current payment along with this new one,if it extends another 30 days,a new judgement is entered against you for these payments,each month behind is its own separate judgement that you now owe,plus your current payment,oh yeah,they are also charging you 9 percent interest on each of these individual judgements,it is a scheme by states to extort money from you for life,a parent out of work because of this shutdown,will easily fall a couple months behind in CS,If they pay 2000 a mo.,after 2 mo. They have 2 judgements against them for 2000 each,and the current payment,their ss # is given to irs and their money is taken,there are no exceptions,or excuses,you owe the money and now work for the state,it is the biggest scam going.

  20. C. Jord. says

    Yep, husband owes back arrears on a child who is of age and they sent us a letter saying $1700 was going to c.s. I never receieved my $1700, so I call IRS and was told they offset mine too, so not only did they give one of my children’s to the ex, but they gave mine and my other child’s to her too. She should have never got any of our 3, let alone should they have allowed the stimulus to be offset for c.s. since she was getting hers already and this was supposed to be helping people pay bills, etc. I will say this though, the IRS worker told me I have to print out the form and mail it in for the stimulus to be fixed, but when searching for directions on how to fill it out for the stimulus and not taxes, I keep coming across things saying I do not have to fill another one out.

    • Oh and I file injured spouse every year. I filed the day they started accepting ereturns this year and didn’t receive my taxes until the end of March, so my form is for sure in their system and has been accepted, approved, you name it.

  21. Jessie jump says

    My wife owes child support because her daughter decided to live with her dad. He didn’t pay her anything.. but her lawyer sucks. I have been filling injured spouse for the last three years. They took all of it.. the $2400 and my daughters 500. Every time I call I can’t get answer about it. And for my taxes I get that they just got to it on my 11…I filed in March. All I need is answers that they don’t give. They just put you on hold or hang up on you. I spent 4 hours Tuesday and 2 hours today. The only thing I got was stress. So what is the correct amount that I should have gotten?

  22. I would like to know how to contact in regards to still not receiving my tax money from 2019 after filling injured spouse. Not only did I not receive my stimulus (and my child’s) but we still haven’t got our taxes!!! I try calling and of course no calls can be taken at this time! We need our tax money more than ever right now!!! I just want to know where my money is and when will I be getting it!!!


    I have still not received anything all of my money and my sons have been deposited April 30th to my husband’s back child support acct. This is ridiculous we are almost done with May and still nothing. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY TAX MONEY EITHER

  24. Benjamin Jon Edge says

    Obviously, we are all here for the same reason including myself, who also continues to fill out an injured spouse form every yer, so I will complain minimally. Although I have not received my explanation letter from the IRS, I am pretty sure mine went to paying my wife’s arrears for her kids. Although a part of me is happy she is finally paid down, I am still upset that my sons’ portion went to her ex husband. We are fortunate one of still works through this garbage time however, the principle is not any easier to swallow. I would really like an answer from the IRS, a solution, an explanation, something. I have silence when trying to research whome to talk to for answers.

  25. This is crap. Why bother telling the injured spouse when their check will be deposited if they have no intention of doing so. No update, no info. Nothing. Im so sick of this. My kids and myself need support too.

  26. Darlene Jarosz says

    We have experienced this grave injustice as well, but it goes a bit deeper than simply only the stimulus check. Not only did our stimulus go to the offset, but my tax refund did as well. My husband owes arrears in child support, and due to that, I file injured spouse every year to prevent my portion of our taxes going to the offset. I filed my taxes on February 7th, and on April 22nd, I finally had a deposit day-or so I thought. Upon checking my bank, I was dismayed to learn my tax refund was taken. We had just received the two offset letters stating the stimulus was taken as well, which was not just his and my $1,200 each, but we have two children in the home that we support too. This has been a devastating blow to our household. I contacted the Tax Payer Advocacy Service, and they opened a case about our refund. The issue: the injured spouse department at the IRS closed April 7th. Until employees return to that department, we will have to continue to wait. It is my understanding that the IRS is recalling employees based upon seniority, and 11,000 should return to work on June 1st. One can only hope of those 11,000, some will reopen the Injured Spouse Department.

  27. I agree it’s not fair that they are taking any portion that doesn’t belong to the spouse that owes the debt. My child should not be responsible for paying on my husband back child support. A debt that he owed long before we were married. It’s bad enough we gotta wait until god knows when to even get our portion back. And then they still trying to take a portion. And all the income in my joint filing is mine. So the way I see it all that money belongs to me. And 1 of my 2 kids not even my husband. And the crazy thing is all my husband kids are grown except for the one by me. This is really stupid,I’m glad I was blessed enough to still be able to work during all this otherwise we could be in bad shape at this point.

  28. Ashley sheffer says

    What if I already did my taxes but never filed a injured spouse form? Can i still file one?

    • Kelly A Harkness says

      Yes, you can still file injured spouse after you have sent in your taxes. Actually it is faster for you to get your return if you file the form 8379 after you file. You can print form off and it is a little confusing to fill out if it is your first time. I usually take my tax info and injured spouse form to H&R Block and they fill it out for 50 dollars and send it off. I always call IRS a few weeks later to make sure they received it. Good Luck!!!

      • I was told by irs if you file the form after the fact they had no guidance about injured spouses getting stimulus. I file every year electronically and then mail my injured spouse form through certified mail. They took my part of stimulus even though my my injured spouse form was approved on my income taxes. When i got my letter i called and they said if the form was not filed with original tax return ie cause i mailed it later they were not dealing with it

  29. Im so confused with this whole thing. If my husband owes child support I know they will take his and that’s fine but how do I go about getting my half of the stimulus back will they even give it back to me? Do I have to file separately each of us or someone help please I’m so confused

    • Kelly A Harkness says

      You will need to file FORM 8379 Injured Spouse. You can print it off from IRS website. You can either send it in when you do your taxes or after separately. You will want to send this form in EVERY year when you do your taxes so you will get your portion of your return if you file (Married Filing Jointly). The form is a little confusing if it is your first time but I always take my taxes and Form 8379 to H&R Block or any tax service and they should help you fill it out and get it mailed to the correct office for like 50 dollars. It is worth it to get your portion of money if you husband owes any child support. I always call the IRS afew weeks later to make sure they received the form..GOOD LUCK!!

      • I agree my husband owes back child support because his daughters mom was on welfare. We paid for all her expenses growing and she is now 22. They took mine and my four children’s portion. I’m on social security so I didn’t fill out an injured spouse for our taxes last year. Do I still have to fill out form even if I didn’t have wages? So confusing!

      • File form 8379 yes but, it does NOT help in this situation. It gets taken with or without injured spouse form.

  30. What number do you call to see if our half of the stimulus check is even arriving? We received a not in the mail saying we would get it, and online it says it was to be deposited on April 15th, but nothing has ever showed up. We filed injured spouse last year, according to the website and letter, the IRS has our banking account info, but we still cannot get through to a live person on the phone. Who do we call?

  31. The same thing happened to me. I filed Innocent Spouse relief with my 2018 taxes, and they took my portion $1200 and applied to my husband’s back child support. You have said they are correcting this error. That I do not need to submit a separate form for this EIP payment. I see many others have had the same problem.

  32. Natalie Saldana says

    The same thing happened to me I file my taxes and a injured spouse as well and it was sent to child support my husband is retired I am the only person in the home that works I am a in home care provider I work a lot of hours when I file taxes my taxes go to child support and I dont have kids I can’t have them but let my husband owes child support and I have to pay for it I really think it isn’t fair and when I talk to the ex wife she said there nothing she can do. I really wish I can do something about it I call child support and they say I got to call the IRS and they say I need to call child support I didn’t even get my 1200.00 child support got that to so now you said they are trying to fix it and I don’t need to do anything but how do I fine out if they fix it

  33. Me and my husband has been married for 27 years and for the past 20 years we always file injured spouse form 8379 and we always get our refund each year and in 2009 we got 250 dollars each for me and my special needs son but my husband 250 went to the child support department everything went great until this stimulus payment when we knew his 1200 would be off set but thought I would get my 1200 but no got letter from Treasury Department and they sent both payments to the child support department but called the office and my 1200 is missing child support office said they only received one 1200 payment we keep getting the run around.

  34. Kristen Neldon says

    Frontline worker here with 4 of my own children I raise and have custody of… my husband has 4 from previous relationship. We do not have children together. He has worked for the last 6 years and not missed one payment or a payment towards arrears. He has arrears owed despite living with the children’s mother and helping support them because they were never married they back dated his support when they parted to the day each of the 4 children were born starting him out in a deep hole. We have been married only 3 years. He works hard each day most of his check goes directly to support and to arrears therefore I pay all our bills and I expect him only to support his children and he does he pays their medical insurance premiums for all his 4 kids. He bought a car and pays insurance on it for his 16 year old. We pay for two of the four kids cell phones and do many extras that are never allocated for because we understand parenting doesn’t stop at only paying child support. We love all 8 of our kids though we have none together they are all ours. I have custody and support my 4 I do not receive any extra assistance from my four kids father other than child support (if We even get that). I pay 80% of our combined taxes owed as a nurse practitioner I am still working thankfully however he was laid off yet pulled money from savings so he did not miss a payment while paid off but because he started with a case of child support against him dating back years he started out in the hole by thousands. Why is it justified to take his step kids money and his current wife’s money? I pay my taxes and then some. I have worked two jobs and been raising 4 children since when is his debt his step children’s debt? Since when is it mine? I filed injured in 2019 it’s still processing since February and did not in 20-8 because I paid in additional taxes 4500k that year that I owed working overtime and a second job so I got hit in the higher bracket. I am frustrated because we try so hard to do right by the children because we love them because they are apart of our family because that’s what being a parent calls for and we try to do right by their mothers as well to give half for a prom dress or to pay half of cheer dues or to grab a pair of shoes when needed etc. those things never factor into arrears and that’s ok but then something like this happens and they take or garnish refunds and stimulus payments for not just him that I understand but they take it from kids not even biologically his, kids he doesn’t help support not because he doesn’t want to but because he can’t contribute when his entire check goes to pay support and arrears and medical insurance premiums. I don’t care that he can’t help out financially I love him and he loves me and we love all 8 of our combined kiddos but it is difficult to swallow that my money my kids money go in addition to his to cover arrears that honestly if additional expenses were factored in that we have covered would already have been paid off but we still will always do whatever we can to help where the kids are concerned. My point is… not everyone who owes on paper owes in reality not everyone puts every dime through the state system to be allocated for… if we wouldn’t have bought his 16 year old a car and just paid into the system the 6k cost of the car toward his arrears then she most likely would not have gotten to walk out to a car on her 16th birthday. My husband is a good man he is a loving wonderful father he is not a deadbeat.

  35. What happens when a spouse uses the Stimulus 2020 check and doesnt share with the other spouse who has the child in their care, and not the one who received it? My husband , who I’m not currently living with due to marital issues, refuses to share the stimulus check with my son and I. What legal actions can I pursue, and any inexpensive litigation is appreciated. He lives in the state of KY and I live in the state of FL.


  36. Cindy Benson says

    Well figure this, my husband has fully paid all child support thru attorney general office. Then we get a letter from State of California saying he also owed half of the MediCal benefits he children received while they where young. His children are now in their 40’s. The State of California’s law says they can force you to repay those benefits back retroactive, lovely! Now mind you the attorney general does not enforce and does not collect for non-custodial support, so the States which there are a few do have this law and file grievance with federal government individually. Not only can these States collect due to their laws they can also hold accountable your heirs for any health benefits your children or your elderly parents receive in they receive Medicaid. You will never get out of debt! Check the law out in California regarding MediCal & Medicaid repayment. I was truly amazed, wonder how many people are aware of this law.

  37. Cindy Benson says

    Hence, our stimulus check went to California! Oh, ya back in 1982 there was not allocation in his divorce decree as to who was liable for health coverage. The State made that decision for him & ex-spouse from what I gather. Can you imagine!

  38. I find it almost comical that they say child support and the laws around it are put in place to “protect” the children. Thats great! Thanks for that! Ummmm but now when your laws end up hurting the NCP that do pay because of a bitter ex and then here comes a pandemic and the EMERGENCY money for all Americans is taken away from a family for arrears and the injured spouse and her children are left with nothing, well WHO PROTECTS THOSE KIDS??? Are my 5 & 9 yr old children not as important as the almost 18yr old that has never ever been without support from his father? WHO PROTECTS MY KIDS in a system that is as they like to think, built around that one ideal. And let me tell you this, the mother angry that my husband bought us a home, went to CS services claiming he had never paid. Without notice child support services came after. We provided them every canceled check, every moneygram receipt and every bank to bank transfer proving we always paid and they didnt care. Started taking right from his paycheck, which we totally fine with. Been fighting with them for years. Then guess what? 4 yrs later, they say we are behind 3,000 on current support and that we have to get the proof of payments from their clerks office. So we did. Now if you are garnishing his check, then how are we behind??? Got the proof of every payment from the clerk, and they will not fix their accounting. So they take an extra 90 dollars every month to go to the amount we have already paid. You can not win by doing what it right when it comes to child support. And now, we are on the brink of losing our home. My children’s home because we were relying on our tax return the and stimulus to help us during furlough from our jobs. So again I ask the Child Support people, why do you get to pick and choose which KIDS TO PROTECT??? Regardless of child support arrears, when Americans need help enough for a trillion dollar bill to be passed, then ALL AMERICANS should be entitled to that help.

    • They also seem to forget that 2nd spouses provide hundreds of hours of childcare/ rearing, or 1/2 the mortgage, utilities, food, vacations, school supplies, birthdays, Christmas/holidays, unexpected expenses, inheritance, rides everywhere for everything at any given time, first cars, college tuition, grandparenting,
      We’ ve washed the cloths, checked homework, helped with homework, did you brush your teeth? made the sandwiches, had the sleepovers, treat and kiss the boos boos…I could go on.
      The bottom line?
      2nd spouses are crucial to the highly held belief “in the best interests of a child”.

  39. No I have not and I have email from child support in WV stating they didnt understand why I got letters 1 with just husbands name and other with Both names stating they would be taking both stimulus. I spoke with them last week yet again and stated his portion of stimulus was applied to child support but that was it. So where is mine? Why did the letters have his name on both. Last I checked ive paid taxes my whole life and just because I married him does not delete me except to pay his debt. Now this has caused so many more issues and no answers

    • I have the same issue. Child support in OK stated they got 1 of the 2 halves. The Treasury Offset Program said they sent both. My half is in limbo somewhere and it can take up to 6 months for Child support to see my half. Then I will have to deal with in 6 month from when they sent it to prove I have done my injured spouse form. At that point Child support a return my half.
      When I talk to child support they just tell me they have not got my half and I have to talk to IRS. However, no one at the IRS will talk to me about the stimulus check. They just keep sending me to the auto recorded line. This prerecorded information does not address this issue.

  40. I too had received with the 2 letters with the amounts split and deposited on 4/15/20. I just called and after a lengthy hold finally reached someone. I was now told that I would need to make request when I do my 2020 taxes. So if I already file injured spouse form (which I have the past 2 years) next year I will have to file 2 forms, 1 for my 2020 taxes and 1 for my stimulus check that I didn’t receive. So according to who I just spoke to from the IRS they are not fixing the issue this year.

    • What a shame! So many people ( including myself and a child) have been affected by this issue, and they promised in writing to fix the issue, and at the end they are not going to do it… What a lesson to learn! Do not trust any government!

  41. michael ali says

    After my payment portal gives deposit date, which does not happen.
    Did this for both spouses . Who have same deposit information.
    Then a deposit for $1200.00 made to Mr. and Mrs – to mean joint deposit, occurs.
    That’s 1/2 of the 1200 for each that was supposed to occur.
    Check my payment portal . It refuses to recognize exact same identification as before , so no explanation there . No explanation in letter that follows in 15 days. It’s as if all that occurred is correct . The letter just refers to the deposit as it occurred .
    The fact that a letter is sent but gives no detail as to how deposit was calculated may not bother people if the amount they received was correct ; but is it an act of terrorism by government on the people when the amount is not correct??? Since there is no way to question them about the wrongness unless they are [EDIT: profanity removed] reading this.

  42. My family’s 2900 was offset for arrears. We filed injured spouse before the stimulus was paid, but since they take so long to process it, it wasn’t in their system until after it was paid. Here’s the kicker though … The support order was in the process of being vacated, and was successfully completed. The account had a hold on the funds, but we have to wait at least 6 months before they will release it, because of the injured spouse claim I told them was filed along with the return. Even though there is no support due! They said because the IRS will come and take the funds out of their bank account without communication to the support agency. So they have to wait and see if the 8rs will take the money, then release the portion they do t take, since there is no balance due, as a result of the order being vacated. I feel so defeated.

  43. I think it is so unfair to the ones that file injured spouse and they still take our tax money and the stimulas money .I am also an injured spouse we filed our original taxes and then I had to filed an amended tax es with an injured spouse form for our 2019 taxes .I live only on a disability check and my husband has been out of work due to the virus and since they took my stimulas I cannot catch my bills up ,this is so unfair I know he owes back child support but why punish me I did not make the debt and I don’t feel that just because I married a man that owes back child support that the government has the right to take my portion of what is owed to me .

  44. James wright says

    We are going through the same issue as everyone else in here, no help from government! Maybe we should ALL stop paying support til we and our children get our rightful stimulus!

  45. Susan Garcia says

    I am very upset too, my husband owes child support for his kids from a past marriage and my check and MY kids money was taken even though the injured spouse was included in my income taxes when I filed. These are not even the kids he is paying child support for and they took it and they say I will see the other half which is mine but never did yet! I want my money and my dependents, they don’t belong to his ex wife they are my kids

  46. Amanda Ross says

    I can not even continue to read the comments to this article. I am enraged about the whole injured spouse scenario because I am an injured spouse and I am a tax payer. My husband has two children from a previous marriage and pays back pay on child support. I filed my taxes separately from my husband for 2019 but we filed jointly in 2018. My husband did not file his taxes for 2019 so I’m guessing for it to be easier on the IRS they just went off of our 2019 tax return (that I did not fill out an injured spouse form for). When I was notified that my stimulus check was going towards my husbands owed child support, was then when I learned about the injured souse form and filled one out immediately and mailed it in. This whole thing is ridiculous, I myself am not hurting for money, because fortunately I have an essential job. I am very hurt about how they screwed over so many people like myself that may or may not need the money but we all deserve it.

  47. The IRS has has put in motion the destruction of many families already struggling in the wake of the pandemic. Blended families falling apart due to bitterness at being made to suffer the consequences of our loved ones former lives. The whole system is tainted. Child support agencies collecting on debts for grown children, some with their own children, when innocent new spouses are made to pay for their husband or wives past mistakes. Penalize those who do work hard and have no obligations. As if re marrying to be legal under Gods eyes is nothing but a punishment. This is destroying marriages. We are tired of paying for something that is not our problem. And we should not be held accountable. The whole tax filing system needs revamp.

    • Filed injured spouse on 5/7/20 on 2018 tax year. Was told by IRS rep 6/9/20 they have my firm on file and are being told to tell callers they are aware of the issue and are working on getting my half refunded to me. No specific date provided. Still waiting. In the letter I received it said could take 8 weeks. I figured when I mailed it should be July 6 before I hear anything. At least I have verification they received my form back. You can sit on hold with IRS for a long time waiting for a live person to get answers. Best of luck all.

  48. I just spoke with someone at the IRS, and was told that because I didn’t file injured spouse for 2018, only 2019, which I filed on March 31st, I will need to submit another injured spouse claim for them to process for my stimulus payment. So I guess since my return hadn’t been processed, since it takes 11 weeks, even though the injured spouse was submitted before the stimulus was paid, it did not apply to that payment. They instructed me to mail in another injured spouse form.

    • By the way, the number I called was 1-800-919-9835. They took 25 minutes to answer then ended up transferring me to another department where there was an additional hold time. Over all phone call was about 45 minutes at 730am.

  49. Wanda Boulden-White says

    It’s now June 15th and I still have not received my stimulus payments for myself or my son. My husband owes back child support not me and I received a letter stating that $2900 was going toward his child support. So my son and my payments are going to get nothing. How is that fair. We have nothing to do financially with that situation. So my son and I suffer.
    When will it be corrected????

  50. His stimulus and half of my child’s were taken due to his child support. Where my stimulus and the other half of my child’s stimulus remains an unknown. Still upset and waiting with no answers from the IRS, THE STIMULUS OR THE CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY!

  51. Chris. Green says

    I understand what everyone on here going threw I just got my refund yesterday but they took My stimulus check for child support me and my wife filed the injured spouse every year The reason why the stimulus got offset Even though I fillthe injuried spouse form out because the office was closed that do the injuriedspouses forms because if you do the injured spouse form with your tax return it willstop it from being offset And you will get your return but it will take 16 weeks better than not getting it at all hopefully you will get your part of the stimulus check back if you feel the Injured spousewith your tax retun I’m still waiting on my wifeand kids part of the stimulus check it may take a while They just open the office back up that part that did Got injured spouse formsoffice closed May 15 That’s why your stimulus checks got all say because they didn’t process the injured spouse because they were closed I hope this help a lot of people because I stayed on the phone every day for the last four months with these people it is sad because everybody’s child support case is not the same everybody’s situation is different coronavirus slowed a lot of things upThe IRS holds that money for six months so child-support don’t get that money right away I’ll promise you I know what you’re going through my family being in a big hole for a few months until I just got my tax return yesterday and I did get it all

    • Christina says

      Did they tell you it would be 16 weeks? I filed my taxes with the injured spouse form and today will be exactly 16 weeks. But when checking the irs website it still says that my taxes are being processed(which it has said since I filed) my issue doesn’t even have anything to do with child support. They have taken mine the past few years for my husbands student loans even tho he is disabled and doesn’t work so our tax returns are my with my salary only.

  52. Chris from Mississippi says

    Let me Set the record straight because I did not text everything correctly When you find the injured 🤕 spouse with your tax return it will stop it from being offset normally but May 15 the irs I have a department that does the injured spouse forms itclosed May 15 so they couldn’t do the and injured spouse formto stop it from getting offsett that’s why a lot of people stimulus that took mine also go offset about child-support but I just got my income tax back yesterday it does take 16 weeks when u file the injured spouse form With ur taxes to get ur refund I fill the injured spouse out every year for the last 8 years if your tax return still saying being processed that’s good news because they processing your injured spouse form I hope this helpful to a lot of people because everybody child support situation not the same They have re-open the injured spouse form department I know you’ve been waiting I was waiting a long time to it’s gonna take some time and you will get it now they say that if you didn’t fill ur injured spouse form out with your return you may not get your stimulus back I don’t know how true that is but don’t give up I didn’t you will get it

    • Lisa Skinner says

      I’m in the same boat I filed injured spouse form 2018 and 2019 they took out 2400 for his back child support arreages, California took it,we live in Tennessee and he has his checks garnished each week for child support. For years I was the only one with an income and yet they took mine also.Needless to say I cried and I cussed and I was so angry as his ex is remarried to a rich man in California and their kids are over 30 years old each yet they gave her my money and I am on disability and I thought disability people were protected..i have no offsets on my ss number what so ever i do not own anything that would take my stimulus check yet they took them both in a so mad at the government it is so unfair they should have to go back and give the husbands their money as well..this was and is a pandemic how in the world could the government leave people out and also send to dead people that their families spent their has this been fair. I still wait after filing the Injured spouse form for 2018 and with my 2019 taxes 1 month ago I feel like they will never give us our money back so his ex wife with NO kids at home got 4800 and we got 0.00..I wonder of the people that run the House would feel like it they had to live through a pandemic less fortunate as so many of us that barely have food to eat they really care? and for those that wonder..if they give another stimulus check they wont be taking ours or our husbands again since they know they messed up..and in an election year at heart was so broken and sad to think we lived off my SSDI and all the money made was Mine and his ex wife got to take My stimulus check..yes it has been very stressful on a marriage dang sad ..I will pray for you all and pray God will help us get what is rightfully and hugs to you all🙏🏻🧡

  53. I filed both Tax Returns with the ‘INJURED SPOUSE’ Form as the top page, yet my Taxes were Off-Set! I had already complained and appealed to the IRS on 02/15/2020 about this, yet i have not seen a reply, nor an adjustment since. I was SO HAPPY when i received information from the IRS- Get My Payment that both of our $1,200.00 ‘Stimulus Checks’ had been deposited, as a Direct Deposit into my Checking Account on April 15th. I found this out on April 16th. on the IRS website, yet no money was in my account, not my $1,200.00, nor my spouse’s $1,200.00 ($2,500.00). I contacted my bank and the IRS. On the 17th. of April, we both received a separate letter regarding our ‘Stimulus Checks,’ stating, “It was Off-Set, for ‘Child Support.’ My spouse’s daughter is a 25 year old ADULT and i have never seen her, nor met her in the 17 years that i have been with my husband; I am rather certain, that as an Adult, that she will be getting her own $1,200.00 ‘Stimulus Check’ too. My spouse should not have his ‘Stimulus Check’ Off-Set to support, for a 25 year old either and he is disabled recovering from reconstructive foot surgery and liver disease. Myself, i literally have not met his 25 year old daughter. His EX was on husband #2 and child #2 when she married my husband via an AD in a Pennysaver’s Magazine. Her entire quality of life was transformed monetary wise, education wise, home ownership wise in the 3 years that they has married, 28 years ago. By year #3, they were divorced and the woman kept tbeir daughter from him. Five years later, she had a baby with an Attorney, and she had a private settlement of $1,000.00+ a month, for the past 12 years and going…That woman’s youngest son by the 3rd. father is 12 years old, so she will be getting $500.00, for that 3rd. Child. She had three children, by three different men!!! She married and divorced since, even again, after the three children, all by different fathers!!!! I have no affiliation to that women, nor any of her children, and i do not feel that my Tax Deductions-Tax Refunds and our ‘Stimulus Checks,’ should have been Off-Set to ‘Child Support.’ I have been 17 years with my spouse and we have gone through much over all of this. It is June 22nd., 2020, and i have yet to hear back from the IRS in regards to the ‘Child Support- ‘Stimulus Checks’ Off-Sets.’ They were contacted in writing February 15th., 2020, in March 2020, April 17th. in Appeal to the ‘Stimulus Checks’ Off-Sets, in May and June 2020!!!!! I have no minor children and no ‘Child Support’ Obligation. There is no blood relationship whatsoever and it should not be billed, to include myself, as if it is my debt. The IRS is taking SO LONG to pay attention to the ‘Injured Spouse’ forms that accompanied both Tax Returns and that was sent in response to the two months later ‘Stimulus Checks’ Off-Sets. I had furlowed by School Closures and a Retail Job both, short notice- over a month before-and we really had been anticipating and looking forward to the ‘Stimulus Checks.’ We needed help as the economy is in trouble too- that is why they exist to begin with.
    I complained two months ago to Governor Baker, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Attorney General Martha Healey, The White House, MA- DOR, the Treasury Department, the IRS in #3 locations, to no avail…

  54. The offset from my ex was applied to my child support case but they will not release it to ke for six months. Ridiculous!

  55. There should be a follow up story to this one. All of us in this CS Stimulus situation are still waiting with no answers. If you call the IRS they tell you sorry we don’t know anything or call CS. You call CS and they tell you to call the IRS. I am feeling as if this was there screw up and now they are sweeping it under the rug hoping we forget about it and go away.

  56. I stil havent received my stimulus check and last month talked to the irs . one lady told me it would take 30 days to get it and then another lady which i was transfered to told me i would not get mine at all this year but have to wait until i file again next year. Child support had wrongly took my 1200 from me even though we file together this year as a new maried couple and we also filed injured spouse so this wound not have happened but it still did so i have no respect towards the government now since the relief money was not sent out to any one of us that have filed injured spouse this year. It is daylight robbery.

  57. It’s July 22,2020 and NO stimulus check. The IRS can not give me any answers nor the Treasury. My husband’s half of the stimulus was taken for CS in 2 weeks after deposit but here we are still waiting…. I’d love an answer but probably get the run around again…hope they fix this error soon.

  58. I’ve always filed injured spouse, our $3400 stimulus was sent to the offset department split in half we received 2 separate tax offset letters one with only my husband’s name and one with both of our names. I filed the injured spouse right away after I got the letters since we hadn’t file our taxes yet back in April. We called the child support division and it turns out only $1700 was credited to the back child support and that was on May 7th, so where is the other $1700? During this time we bought a home and he had to pay the remainder back child support so we know for a fact we should be getting my half of the money back, the other $1700. I’m guessing one of the government agencies has this money but I’d like to know when I’m going to get it. I mailed the injured spouse for around April 20th so if it takes 14 weeks I’m calculating I should get it by August 1st or so. I also filed an injured spouse form with our taxes filed on July 10th but that doesn’t matter because we ended up owing taxes this time so no refund. I’ll update when I get my stimulus payment.

    • Same boat. I filed injured spouse the last 4 years, would’ve been 3400 including 1000 for my children but they took it all sent 2 letters for 1700 each but child support says only 1700 credited. Child support says file form which I had already filed but I filed again only to have the irs tell me afterwards I just have to wait for them to fix the error. 3 an a half months later and still no fix. Worried about 2nd stimulus if that’s approved

    • Update. I received my half! I checked the mail today and there it was it is dated 8/24/2020 so I’m sure there should be sending out the rest of the checks soon! Good luck everyone!

  59. How long are we gonna have to wait for our part? I mean they already sent all the money to child support, how they getting that money back? And how damn long it gonna take im owed 2200 my part! Its almost August already and here comes a second stimulus were gonna get screwed on. Smh this is ridiculous.

    • So..if you wait 2 months, that means payment around Nov. 1st. 1 month before the end of the year. I have feeling the IRS then will say “oh sorry” you will have to claim it on your taxes.
      I’m thinking if we don’t get it in the first few weeks of September that this is going to be the case.
      I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything or scare you or make you feel bad about not getting your stimulus I just want people to be aware that they’re already playing this game and you should push to do whatever you can to get your stimulus before then.
      Otherwise they’ll just take it to pay your taxes and you’ll get whatever’s left as a return.

  60. Agree and feel everyones pain I feel terrible because they took my wife’s both IRS refund and Stimulus as far as I can tell and she had filled the Injured spouse form online and did the payment for rapid tax filing so how they screw everything up kills me. DHS is such a mess and repeatedly felt necessary to say their not Debt collectors. I said got that right at least they have to play by rules which apparently you dont but I do.

  61. Now that there’s word of a new stimulus coming by the end of August, has the IRS done anything to address this issue or are all of us Injured Spouses going to have this 2nd stimulus taken too?

  62. I spoke with the Its this afternoon 7/27 while I was on the phone there was an update. If you had your stimulus offset you need to call the IRS again and have them fill out a referral form so they have submit it to the correct dept and your payment will be refunded back to you within 60 days! Finally an answer.

    • makenzie says

      what number do you call and options do you pick to speak to a live person about this?

    • Called the IRS today @ 1800 829 1040 spoke with a rep a she filed a referral and stated I should receive a check or direct deposit with 60 days and to call back in 60 days if not received. I would recommend calling if you want any relief.

  63. Does anyone know if they are going to fix this injured spouse issue for the second stimulus. Obviously none of us ever received any of the first stimulus. We are out here suffering too. This is b.s.

  64. I am in the same boat!! They took mine and both kids along with hubbies stimulus for hubbies back CS. I filed injured spouse with my taxes, got my entire refund no issues, but NO stimulus. Know a 2nd stimulus. I have tried calling the IRS about this and was on hold for almost an hour and the call got dropped. I called back only to get my call dropped after being on hold for over an hour. This is not ok, MY kids deserve MY hard earned money, I deserve MY hard earned money PERIOD!!

  65. Carla Black says

    My husband hasn’t worked since 2014. We got married in 2015. He stays home to help with my terminally Ill father. So in turn I have been paying his support payments as “wages” on saving me paying a nurse. So since 2016 at the least I have paid over $14,000 in child support. $500 a month. Then I’ve had all my tax checks given to a woman I dislike and a child I’ve seen once. Who btw was 19 last week. For over 4 years. Now the stimulus check has went to her. Why am I being punished for a man’s past mistakes before I married him. I’ve done the honorable thing and all but have him caught up. His back child support was $17,000. I’ve done the honorable thing and I’m broke. I claimed bankruptcy last year. My dad has cancer, and Ive been on sick leave since March losing $800 a month being at home. How can this be fair. And we are close to divorce. They better give me half of the last 5 years. I didnt marry him until June 27th of 2015. And they kept the whole years tax check. I know this isn’t right. They need to look at the good people who have paid and are injured spouses in more way than with the Stimulus check.

  66. Justin Nichols says

    Ok, so here it is August 7th and my wife (injured spouse) AND my ex have neither received any word on what is going on with the stimulus payment. Neither have received theirs and the IRS as well as the DFS will give any kind of answer. Both our households are in tight financial straights and this would have given us some breathing room. Now they are voting on a SECOND payment when there are people that still haven’t gotten their first? I understand but it has been 3 months now.

  67. I am in this situation too. I file injured spouse every year. On my check my payment tool, it said I was getting a direct deposit that never happened. I waited it out because of the pandemic, so I finally called in early July. After I was on hold for about an hour, the representative told me that I did everything right and to call back in two months. I plan on using my half to catch up on rent. Not to buy a tv or anything. That’s government for you, when you owe them, they want it now. When they owe you, you might not ever get it. 🤷🤷

  68. April Webber says

    What gets me is that this is a hard time for everyone. We are all struggling. No debt should have been considered in this. THIS IS A PANDEMIC!! I’m sure I can speak for most families who spouse pays and owes back support. WE ARE STRUGGLING EVERYDAY TO MAKE IT!! Child support does not care about the other household and children and it is unfair. My husband’s ex wife didn’t file until she found out we were getting married. AUTOMATIC BACK CHILD SUPPORT! This system needs to be fixed. You can take money from me but you don’t want me say nothing when comes to the child support cases. I file Injured spouse every year. This should have not been an issue. Why take my stimulus for child support when my husband had no income on the tax return to begin with. All my money should come to me like my income taxes does. What’s funny is They offset my state refund too! SMH!

  69. I feel it is unfair that I have to wait for my form 8379 injured spouse to get approved and then wait another several weeks for a stimulas check .as an injured spouse I feel we are getting shafted just because our spouse owes child support, I thought that the stimulas was for everyone to help out but as an injured spouse we are getting shafted ,it’s not fair I did not make the debt but the government thinks that they can take money that I deserved. That’s bull shit . just plain crooks .

  70. Denise Davis says

    My children’s stimulus money that was given to a stranger…I birthed and have financially supported my children only for the government to give the stimulus credit to a stranger because my husband owes child support. The idea of splitting the stimulus money “in half” does not take into account the child and spouse with no involvement with debt. The amount of $500 a child has only been generated and earmarked because I have given birth to a child and financially cared for this child then the government gives this amount to an stranger or entirely different family is nonsensical. The amount taken and used towards arrears should absolutely not include the injured spouse portion or the children of the injured spouse. The dividing the money in half is nonsense with no thought or sense behind idea because another family is taking money earmarked for children in another family/household. The ex would not have gotten this money if I had not birthed my children. Makes no sense at all.

  71. I would be as upset as all of you are if I were in that position. I am on the other side-my ex owes back child support & he did not receive a stimulus payment, but I haven’t received it either. Child support told me it’s being held?? I have children with me but he doesn’t. It’s not right for everyone’s money to be held at such a crucial time as this pandemic. I have a feeling I’ll never get it or it will be next year when I do my taxes. It’s all BS!!!

  72. Randina Fite says

    I agree I’m glad they acknowledged it and trying work on the issue. But I have been waiting for my half of the stimulus payment since may 15 it said it was deposited to my bank account and nothing. I could have really used it for my kids the my husband and I have together. I just would like to know when I would receive mine.

  73. I am in this spot also. His ex wife and daughter think it is so funny she got our 2400. In April. I have been awaiting a reason why o didnt get my half. I check everyday on our accounts nothing
    For 33 yrs my husband has had to pay suppot she lied about she was loosing support when oldedt daughtet graduated high school went to child support said he never paid her. We loose every time with her nothing ever happens to her. Worth over a million dollars. Hangs those girls above his head. The girls are 41 and 43 my husband 77! Child support Will be paid off when and if he lives to be 82.
    Laws NEED to change.

  74. Michael hagedorn says

    Wife of 8 months at the time had back child support while me I have custody of all 3 of my biological boys. Texas intercepted $1950 one way and $1950 another with my injured spouse in file with my 2019 taxes. They was rightfully right in intercepting just $1200 of her money and give me and my 3 boys our share of $2700 totally robbed and yet to get my federal tax return of $5979 in which is all my earnings. I was able to contact a tax payers advocate who is supposed to be interviening and getting me my full return. We shall see….. But so far elephants are blue bulls fly and cats bark like dogs if you know what I mean!! It affects the responsible ones is what kills me…. Good luck guys good luck prayers sent.

  75. Jana williams says

    My ex husband contacted the child support division to stop my child support and forgive all debts because of virus we never had a chance to go to court all were closed. The child support division emailed him a form to fill out. Sign and email back which he did and yet they still take it out of my unemployment they still took mine and my now husband’s taxes and stimulus ck. I amended tax form because of a flaw and sent in injured spouse and amended tax forms. Have never heard a single word on anything. Can’t find out anything irs more often doesn’t even answer emails or phone calls. I’m at a total loss of what to do now. I’ve tested positive for virus last week and have bn very ill. With no help they have cut unemployment and still take child support out leaving me pennies to live on. We have not received help from the government no tax refund no stimulus ck. My lights will be shut off soon. I do not know what else to do. Can I get help?

  76. Amanda Young says

    I have spent hours upon hours on the phone with the IRS, offset program, stimulus line and more. It would be nice if they could at least teach the IRS workers who deal with related phone calls this information. It would also be really nice if they could fix the issue and give our family and others “their” money. Filing the whole injured spouse and waiting on taxes is an every year thing for me for the past ten years but never did I think I wouldn’t receive the stimulus along with my taxes that were intercepted at same time. Child support intercepted it and neither one of has received stimulus money of 1.200 that was taken. So where’s it at???? This is enough to take a toll on anyone’s mental health and during this crazy time in our lives it could have been avoided if only thought out better before just yanking money from innocent people. Fix the problem already! This won’t go away because I will not pay 2020 taxes on a check I never recieved and it’s going to become a way bigger issue! Fix it please!

  77. Dorothy Burns says

    I am broke and tired trying to find out why I have no children married some one who has one child and thanks to illness did get behind in child support, who is paying back every week for years, I have never had any children, its hurtful I have to pay for some one else child who is almost as old as I am. some information would help me.

  78. I’m thinking we have to accept we will never see this money. The IRS and child support have no idea how to fix this blunder nor do they care to.

  79. Kelly DeSantis says

    A press release was issued that those who filed injured spouse should be receiving their portion of the stimulus check mid to late September by check. Those who did not file the form they do not have a time frame yet but you will get it.

  80. Hello there, I’m in the same boat as you all file jointly with my husband, filed my injured spouse form like I do every year, but for whatever reason the IRS software chose to ignore my injured spouse form where it hadn’t all these years prior. So..I don’t buy the crap that it was a glitch and couldn’t be avoided. This old and outdated system has had no problem all these years with my injured spouse form but all the sudden when all this money is up in the air there’s a sudden glitch? I don’t buy it.
    I’m starting to think that this is more of a civil rights issue, versus a class-action suit. Our rights are being violated because there is “taxation without representation” going on.
    And I’ve heard all the snide remarks such as,
    “Well, you knew he had a kid”
    “Maybe he should pay his CS”
    Or my favorite ” that’s what you get for marrying a deadbeat”
    These people seem to think if a man falls behind on CS, it is because of non payment.
    it took 8 months for my husband’s child support case to make it through the court system to get to the final order. During that time child support accrues at what ever amount WILL BE SET AT IN THE FUTURE. read it right. We will use my husband as the example. it took eight months for them to decide that it cost $768 per month to raise a three and a half year old child back in 2010. So, at the hearing for the final order they took that 768 times it by the 8 months it took for the court case to make it through the courts and started him off i debt to the tune of $6771.
    Men are advised not to pay any money until they receive the final order, because any money that is given before this order is made is considered a “gift ” and does not count towards money owed for CS. The “arrears” are paid with husband pays $32 per month towards arrears.
    It took my husband another two months when he found out what the amount was going to be at the final order hearing to change it to something more realistic, but it accrues at the original amount ($7680).
    It took him 2 years to pay off the arrears and maintain his monthly payment.
    Then 2011 my husband lost his well paying job. He immediately filed for a downward modification as he is instructed to do per CSE in this situation, 6 FERKING YEARS LATER he is approved. However, child support still accrued at the original amount for 6 years despite the fact that he no longer had the job that allowed him to pay the child support he was paying.
    Needless to say..that put him in debt..again, after paying off the original debt CSE put him in.

    Taking money from a minority group that has NO formal representation is a violation of a person constitutional rights as an individual and as a group.
    My husband’s childs rights don’t supercede my rights as a individual.
    My stepson’s mother isn’t entitled to my money, the law is clear on that, and the federal government knows that.
    What probably pisses me off more than this government sanctioned strong armed robbery…THE FACT THEY WILL GET ANOTHER CHANCE TO STEAL MY MONEY WHEN I FILE MY TAXES FOR 2020.

    • I’m getting irritated now here it is September 3 2020 I filed injured spousal with myself and husbands taxes I received my state and federal taxes but no damn stimulus so I called IRS and actually talked to someone she said I will receive it but when no idea this is ridiculous I have worked everyday through this whole damn pandemic and can’t even get a stimulus check without waiting and waiting as far as I’m concerned all essential workers should have gotten any amount of money first or even add a hazzard payment with the stimulus

  81. Has anyone whose stimulus was offset but filed an injured spouse received their portion? I’m in Alabama and I have not received anything. Can’t get IRS on the phone either. My husband owes no arrears only interest but my ex husband owes 92,000.00 in back support and we have not received a dime- he is in Louisiana.

  82. I’m in Fort Mill, SC and I’m still waiting. I have been following this page for awhile for information but never signed in to speak. I filed an injured spouse form but they took my portion too. My ex-husband owes me over $80,000 in back child support in which I may never see. I haven’t received anything from him… I really could use something here!

  83. My stimulus was also taken for my husband’s back owed support. The payment was processed on April 22. When I contact child support about it i asked if they were aware it was a stimulus payment the reply was “yes” when asked if they were aware of how much each person received with the stimulus payment the answer was ” of course $1200″ than asked so basically you knew you were getting way more than you were entitled to ?? The answer ” I’m sorry we can’t talk to you about this”. Countless calls to the irs, hours upon hours of wasted time as I’m told that yes they have my injured spouse and it has been processed, months and months later still nothing from the irs not about my injured spouse or anything else for that matter. Called again on Monday was told they have until October 7th to have my check to me. But than was told doubt it will take that long but it could. So called again today Friday was told that they don’t know when !!! so every single time I call different story nobody seems to know anything and this time I was pissed and told the guy as much to which he replied “I’m going to record everything you say and it will be put in your file” are you kidding me I couldn’t care less that they record what I have to say I’m pissed my family is suffering while they take there sweet time and it’s bullshit !!! I wonder if a law suit could be filed for this ?? My husband’s ex had 4 kids my husband’s child is the oldest at 21 years old and up until 7 months ago his child support was paid in full and had been for 3 years. since she doesn’t attend college, I called to find out where the hell the $4000 they say he owes came from. They sent me a print out which shows several months in a row where the amount they billed him was appx 9 times his regular payment, as well as several months showing he didn’t make a payment than did than didn’t all kinds of crap that makes no sense. So I have been contacting all previous employers just to get copies of pay stubs showing all payments, and anything else that we have but I think it’s strange that for 3 years he didn’t owe anything than out of know where he owes $4000 !!!!! Anyone else have this sort of thing happen ???

  84. Anyone receive their stimulus yet?????

    • It’s Completely Ridiculous! Mine is being held by the county the child support is paid in. But you have to pay through the state so that makes no sense…Irregardless…no one’s money should have been taken period! Not during these times…his ex got her own stimulus check! You receive a letter from the president stating you’re getting a check just to have the IRS say nah…sorry about you!

    • Spoke to the IRS today they still have no answers for injured spouse payment. I am starting to think the issued the news report that they would be mailing them out this month to get people to stop calling them. Total bull!!!!!!

  85. cathy gray says

    Hi, my daughter has been separated from her husband for about two years. She has 4 children, two with him. she tried to file for a stimulus package and was denied. she work twice in 2019 but only work a few days at each one. How can she find out if he put her on his tax return and received the stimulus money? She is having a difficult time right now not having a job or residence, and could really use the money. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  86. I am praying for all of you/us as I read here how covid has caused such a huge disgraceful impact to your lives as well as mine and so many others. It saddens and troubles me we have such a kakistocracy government at this point and look at our voting options this year??? Frightful!!! I am also waiting on my half of the stimulus. A quick background. I have filed injured spouse every year for the last 10yrs. because my husband owes Child Support arrears. We pay $50 a month every month and have not missed a payment in years. (His child is in her 30s now) Meanwhile. We raise my 12yr old grandson since he was 2. I claim him as a dependent every year. My husband has been disabled for about 6 years and they will not approve him for disability as his credits have expired? Apparently there is such a thing?!? (Watch out for your future Soc Sec.) I was then diagnosed with sm cell lung cancer in Aug 2018 and have been on disability ever since. So, between the disability and the child support we get for our grandson. We barely make only $1700.00 a month and some snap benefits.(Good luck to anyone trying to live on that in the 2020’s) We qualified for a $2900.00 stimulus. Checked the payment tool and it stated on April 15th we would get a direct dep and it listed the same bank acct # I been using for over 20yrs. On April 16th, 17th,18th. No money. I knew inside they took it for arrears. Finally. In May I Received letters saying they took half of coarse and blah blah blah I dont need to submit a injured spouse form as I filed one last in 2018. So. Yep. Still patiently waiting. Around Sept. 20,2020 I got a letter dated Sept 2, 2020. (Doc #1444 EN-SP) it states WE (?) are eligible to receive $1450.00 And the money will be direct deposited. It did not have a DD date. So I am not sure when that was supposed to happen, but there is still no money in my bank. On Sept. 22,2020 I checked the payment tool and it was requesting my bank acct info which they already had when I checked in April. hat happened?? I went ahead and updated the bank acct. at that time. It has now been about 3 more weeks and the payment tool says my payment will be DD and a date will be updated when they have it. I do not know what has happened now. Any ideas?? Every news article I read says its going to be mailed. Even though the letter said DD. Is it lost in the mail? I wonder. Did they try to DD it and maybe my bank refused it? Have any of you received your payments in Sept as all the news indicates or did you gat a letter in Sept as I did? I am getting very impatient. Every day I hear politicians and even the president say. “Oh these people need money. Its coming soon. Its gonna be bigger and better”. Then our worthless government Says. Naaa. I don’t agree. I got money. Screw these taxpayers as long as were ok. Its mental anguish day in and day out. They r like the little kid minded adults at the table in the gummy bear commercial. I am so angry at this point. Feeling left out and belittled.

  87. I have been contacting the texas OAG at least 3 times a week for an update as to when the stimulus payment will be released. Every time I contact them ts always some thing different. I’m told they dont have an answer because the IRS hasn’t provided an update on when the payments will be released. One time an agent told me it will be released the last few days of October, then another agent said it will be held for 180 days, then another agent told me it will be a long time before its released. I’m not sure what to believee at this point. All I know is I need that money and will continue to call them every few days for an update.

  88. Been checking in on this blog since May and I have also not received my payment. Just ran across this information from the irs site:

    I do think it is hopeless.
    Q D2. Will my payment be offset if I owe past-due child support? Will I receive anything if my spouse owes past-due child support and I do not? (updated September 24, 2020)

    A2. If you owe past-due child support, your Payment will be offset.

    If your spouse does not owe child support, they will receive their portion of the payment and do not need to take any action to receive it.

    In some cases, the non-liable spouse’s portion of the payment was offset towards the past-due child support. The IRS is working to automatically send the non-liable spouse their portion of the payment.

    If you submitted Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, with your 2019 federal income tax return, or in some cases, your 2018 return, the IRS issued the non-liable spouse their portion of the payment in early to mid- September.
    However, if you submitted a Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, separate from your return, the IRS automatically reissued the portion of the payment due to the non-liable spouse, but the EIP was offset again. The IRS is aware of this issue, and no action is needed. We are working to resolve the issue and will mail the applicable portion of the payment as a paper check to the address we have on file for you as soon as possible. You may receive a second Notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment, and a notice regarding the offset. Please disregard them. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    If you have not submitted a Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, the IRS will automatically issue your portion of the payment (date to be determined). Do not file a Form 8379. This FAQ will be updated when we identify a payment date.

  89. A2. Your Payment will be offset if you owe past-due child support.

    If your payment was offset to pay your spouse’s past-due child support, you’ll receive your portion of the payment and don’t need to take any action to receive it.
    •If you submitted Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, with your 2019 federal income tax return, your 2018 return, or separate from your return the IRS is in the process of issuing the non-liable spouse their portion of the payment.

    If you haven’t submitted a Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, the IRS will automatically issue your portion of the payment (date to be determined). Do not file a Form 8379. This FAQ will be updated when we identify a payment date.

  90. They took our stimulus check for my back child support, so we filed an injured spouse form. I filled it out just like the IRS site said to for the EIP. Today my husband got a letter saying that they IRS is paying him 157.00 dollars for his portion of this tax year, but it’s supposed to be for his half of the stimulus check. Has anyone else ran into this same or similar situation?

  91. I called the child support (texas) and asked if there was a release date for the stimulus payments owed to custodial parents and the agent said no. The IRS has not provided a release date and there was no additional information. I asked how long do they hold payments. The agent said it’s typically 180 days and it’s been more then the 180 days. I guess we will never know when the payments are released and have to just keep waiting. This is so frustrating. I hope we all get the payment soon.

    • Same….I had no clue about any of this. I waited the 180 days for the money to be released through the child support agency and now….nothing. I understand everyone’s complaint, but it also is not fair to custodial parents. I have to pay for my kid’s needs whether my ex pay’s his child support or not. And to finally think I am going to get some money and wait the 180 days to find out I’m not getting it after all.

  92. I was just wondering if anyone has received their portion yet?

    • Kelly, I received payment today. I didn’t know anything about this being fixed and re-paid by the IRS, so I’ve been googling to figure out the details. Our stimulus shows that it was paid to his ex in September. So, now I’m wondering if half of the payment she received will be reversed, since it is given back to me. Or, is the government going to take a loss by allowing her to keep the payment and also giving it to me. I can’t imagine that they would do that, but I can’t seem to find that answer anywhere.

      • I have also been googling this same question! Do you have an answer. I think my husband is going to just have to call Child support enforcement reports local CS and find out.

    • I’m still waiting for the payment. As of 12/4 the child support still has no release date.

    • This is so crazy. I am pretty sure legally they can not keep the stimulus payment of an injured spouse or non-injured at all. You know I wrote Congress, Mayor, Governor and the President and non of them even could get back to me. Figures.

  93. I just chatted with the child support agency and was provided an update…”The payments are expected to be released some time in March 2021.” This is ridiculous. That would make the payment on hold for almost a year.

    • Same thing in AZ! They say they had to keep the money in case the IRS gets an injured spouse claim and they have to give it back. This is simple math, if they get 2400 together then half that is $1,200 that is the arrears owing jerk. Give me the money I have coming for our child that I support ALL the time, and send the other $1,200 to the arrears owing jerk and his wife. It appears to me that no one is getting the money, not the custodial parents, not the noncustodial parent and his/her spouse. So, it appears the states are the ones who have been benefitting from the interest on all that money for nearly a year now. I wonder, will we be getting the interest for that money they withheld?

      • I completely agree Cathy! No, they will be keeping all that interest for themselves. In the meantime we have to hope we can feed our children for almost a full year before getting the money intended to care for them. I would like to pay the $1,500 COVID hospital bill from when I child had to go to the ER not able to breathe, but child support wants their interest earned more than they care about the kids.

  94. These payments due to custodial parents have been held by child support enforcement for almost an entire year now collecting interest income for the agency, I need that to care for my child, when will it reach parents to use for childrens care? A year is too long!

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